Stopmotion, Miniatures & Toys

Fleabag: Miniature Guinea Pig Cafe

Production Design and fabrication lead by Sara for Amazon Prime Video. Carpentry: Miles Robinson, Puppets: Tony Candelaria

Directed: Stephanie Ward, Animation: Nick Cinelli, DP: Matt Hazelrig, 2020

"Project X"  for Steve Aoki. Set dressing and prop fabrication by myself and Tony Candelaria with Stoopid Buddy Studios

Production Design for "Zoobles " through Concrete Media. Eight unique miniature sets, one for each 'family' of zoobles. 

Art Direction Genevieve Parks, Directed by Erika Clevenger 

The Medusa Inn

Custom built miniature scene for my pet snake, Udon, inspired by the Madonna Inn. Heart shaped jacuzzi water bowl, four poster bed, grandfather hygrometer clock, sculpted gold frames for original artwork, mouse skin rug, and a fireplace with ambient heat for Udon to hide in.