Props & Sculpture

Specialty Props created for the Netflix Original "I Think You Should Leave"

Garfield Sofa, Odie Recliner, Nermal Phone, Odie Lamp, John Lightswitch, 2018

Production Designer: Elaine Carey

Art Director: Jillian Oliver

Construction Coordinator: Aaron Maier

Hot Dog Car - also for a skit in the Netflix Original "I Think You Should Leave"

Painted 2001 VW Beetle, foam and fiberglass hot dog permanently attached, vinyl mustard

Made with Miles Robinson, 2018

Production Designer : Elaine Carey

"Horse and Boy" Sculpture for artist Damien Davies

Built with Miles Robinson for South Central community event "Trap Heals"

Ten feet tall and made from foam, fiberglass, gold leaf, chain. 2020

Cardboard set pieces for a Planned Parenthood PSA "How to Talk to Your Parents"

Production Design by Elaine Carey 2019

Artworks by Derek Fordjour for his show "JRRNYS" at Night Gallery, 2019

Built with team Paul Rice, Miles Robinson, and Zack Guiler. Sara did scenic work and 'set' dressing, as well as fabric upholstery and drape for the sculptural pieces "STOCKROOM ezekiel" and "Triumverate".