Film & Commercial Costume

A 9-piece giant chicken dinner set for KFC's 2019 Mother's Day campaign. Designed and made by Sara and her team of assistants to be performed in by the Las Vegas Chippendale Dancers.

Director: Kyle Sauer

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

HBO Comedy Special: Tour de Pharmacy

Digitally printed fabric for the costumes for the five lead characters. Sara designed both Andy Sandberg & Jeff Goldblum's costumes. Lead Costumer: Romy Itzigsohn

Facebook: Camera

Shape suit costume commissioned for a scene in a facebook commercial. Performed by Flannery Huntoon, Directed by AG Rojas for Park Pictures

Costumes designed and made for Nite Jewel's music video "Kiss the Screen"

Giant wearable credit report for an Experian commercial. Foam, digitally printed fabric. 2016

Bride and Groom's costume for a wedding. Welded crystal structures wrapped in thermoplastic and lit from within. Foam, steel, epoxy clay, leather and digitally printed fabric. Tailoring by Svetlana Shigroff and assist fabrication by Rianna MacMillan & Eric Cantley

Assorted smaller projects. Hover or click for descriptions.

'Shots in the Dark' music video for Iann Dior. Custom built space suit sculpted, painted and distressed. With Iggy Soliven costume lead.